Beegit and Ad-Rank Media

Beegit and Ad-Rank Media

Ad-Rank Media is a content marketing agency based in London and Norwich. Over the years, we’ve built up a solid reputation for the quality of our copy, delivering high profile projects for some of the country’s biggest brands.

As our business has moved forward, our internal processes for managing the flow of content have struggled to keep up with our growth. While we’ve always been extremely confident in the ability of our writing team, around a year ago we decided to adopt Beegit as our content delivery system, and it’s been an absolute game changer.

Taking Stock

Prior to Beegit, we used a combination of Google Docs and Dropbox to manage the editing process. Completed files were uploaded by our writing team, and all edits that were suggested and consequently made were recorded in a corresponding spreadsheet before being sent over to the client for approval.

On the surface, this process was still relatively fast, even if our tree of files was fast growing in complexity. But, errors were hard to pin down. We discovered that a missing document or an incorrectly recorded edit could take hours to resolve, while managing the process of approval was a significant task in it of itself. The writing team also found it complex and distracting from their main focus, which is creating quality copy for our clients.

In total, we estimated that this administrative process was taking around five minutes per edit. Given that each piece was edited at least twice, this came to 10 minutes of admin time per page. At 300 pages per month, this equaled 50 hours — more than the working week of a full-time team member.


With Beegit, this figure has been cut to virtually zero. Our clients now have access to the system, and can approve copy when needed. With less files flying around by email, mistakes have been considerably fewer. This has eased the burden on our content delivery managers, and given us more time to focus on work that adds value for our customers.


Reliability and Productivity

There have been other benefits, too. By creating files that mirror the structure of how the content will sit on a website, editing copy for repetition between pages has become easier, as has planning and understanding a customer journey. Meanwhile, the activity reporting tool has meant that we can quickly and accurately provide updates on delivery numbers.

The template option has removed a lot of room for error as well. We have found that this is particularly useful for freelancers or those working out of the office, who may have missed some of the more detailed communications regarding a project.

At the same time, we’ve worked hard to improve efficiency. By holding regular workshops and feedback sessions, our writers tell us what they need to make their tasks easier. Our content delivery managers are also continually refining our processes in order to increase our ability to produce at speed and scale.

Overall, we’ve been extremely happy with Beegit and the effect it has had on our business, even aside from the cost saving. Perhaps the greatest benefit has been the responsiveness of the Beegit team. Our questions have always been answered quickly and thoroughly, and our requests for new features are frequently implemented. Having this relationship is a real advantage, as we feel we have a platform that will grow and adapt with our company in what is an extremely fast-paced and competitive industry.

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