Customize your team's content workflow — and fonts!

A few months ago, we released updates to Beegit that helped improve the content production workflow for teams. In that release, we included some basic file statuses (Draft, Pending Approval, Approved) that help keep track of where a particular piece of content stands in its lifecycle. Although that works well for most teams, some teams with more complex requirements need the ability to create custom content workflows that better model their production process. With that in mind, we have further enhanced the file status feature to allow for custom content workflows! Here’s how it works.

Customizing project file statuses

  • In any of your projects, any project administrator can now go to the project settings tab, and then to the new file statuses tab
  • Inside the file statuses tab, you can create, rename, remove and drag ‘n drop the file statuses
  • Changing the file statuses for a project will only be visible to that project


That’s a great and pretty flexible way to represent your custom workflows on different projects; but what if you want all of your projects to fit a specific custom workflow? Enter default file statuses.

Customizing default file statuses

From your team account dashboard, any team administrator can now customize the default file statuses that will be present on any new project created in your team account.

  • On the team account dashboard, there is a new settings tab visible to team administrators
  • In the new settings tab, you can now create, rename, remove and drag ‘n drop the default file statuses, similarly to what is available on project file statuses
  • When a new project is created, it will contain the default file statuses that you’ve specified in your team account settings

Customizing font preferences

One last little thing we added in to help make the writing and editing experience just a little more pleasant is the ability to change the font in the editor. This is now a user preference that anyone with a Beegit account can customize for themselves. From your account preferences, you can set the font, font size, and whether to enable or disable the spell check feature.

That about wraps up or customization feature release – we hope that this added level of personalization will help make your team even more productive! If you haven’t been around for a while, now is a great time to log back in to Beegit and see why it’s the best team-based content production and collaboration tool on the web. If you’ve never signed up for Beegit, it’s the perfect time to start a free trial.

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