Updated version control system for easier collaborative editing

The version control system in Beegit has always been a core feature in the platform and a prime reason why a lot of our customers love the way we do things. We’re excited to announce big improvements to the version control system that make it easier, more accessible, and enable a whole new range of uses, particularly for collaborative editing.

Version history for files

Prior to this update, all of the version control action was in the “revisions” section and available across the entire project. There were a few issues with this, and after listening to a ton of feedback, we’ve moved all version control features completely into the files section.


Now, you can commit new versions and view the entire version history for a file right from the file itself. By opening a past version, you can quickly see:

  • What changed in that version compared to the version that came before it.
  • What the entire document looked like in Markdown.
  • What the entire document looked like in a rendered HTML preview.

Plus, there’s a 1-click “restore this version” button that will immediately restore the document back to the selected version.

Committing new versions

You can commit new versions of a file any time by using the “commit changes” option in the new “file actions” menu (the three vertical dots next to the filename and due date). Additionally, new versions will be committed for you automatically whenever the file status is changed.


If you’re committing changes manually, enter a note describing your changes the same as before and it will be used as a reference to that version. The “commit changes” screen also has a handy “view changes” tab so that you can see exactly the changes you’re committing.

Restoring past versions

The restore feature works in a “revert” fashion as opposed to a “rollback,” so that means if you restore an old version, you won’t lose any of the more recent versions that came after it. The restored version will be moved to the top of the version history, and everything in between is still there for you.


Collaborative editing using the new version control system is easier than ever. If you haven’t been around for awhile, now is a great time to log back in to Beegit and see why it’s the best collaborative writing app for the web. If you’ve never signed up for Beegit, it’s the perfect time to start a free trial.

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