Deep content search and improved commenting with resolved comments

Native support for inline comments is a critical component of collaborating during a content production cycle. It has been one of the most heavily-used features of Beegit since it was introduced, and we’ve recently released improvements to the commenting system that bring support for viewing the comments you and your team have resolved.

Closing out the comment feedback cycle

For each of your files, you can now view a list of all comments that have been resolved (along with their full replies thread), who resolved them and when, and what selected text the comment was attached to.


We are pretty excited about the improved clarity and accountability that this new feature brings!

Deep content search upgrades

The universal search box that searches across all of your projects and files has been a big hit. Originally, the search only searched across your filenames and not the content inside of your files. To promote content reusability and findability, we’ve updated the search to perform what we’re calling a deep search across all of your content. Now, your search results will report back to you where your search phrases are inside of your content files, with context, and provide you one-click access to open the file.


We hope you enjoy these exciting new features! If you haven’t been around for awhile, now is a great time to log back in to Beegit and see why it’s the best collaborative content production app on the web. If you’ve never signed up for Beegit, it’s the perfect time to start a free trial.

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  • Deep content search and improved commenting with resolved comments

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