Beegit's newest release is a drag (and drop)

We hope you’re enjoying Beegit’s closed beta.

The feedback we’ve received has been amazing so far and today we have a release full of features our closed beta users asked for, including:

Drag and drop your files

Keep your project files and folders organized with a drag and drop feature that lets you move them easily.

Beegit Drag and Drop Interface

Invite your team members via email

You can add unlimited team members in during the beta, so use the collaborators tab in any project to invite new users by email. Once they activate, they’ll have immediate access to your project.

Know when you lost connection

To keep your work safe, we’ve implemented prominent notifications at the top of your browser window to warn you if your connection to Beegit is lost while you’re working.

Easier feedback options

We’re always looking for feedback, now we’ve made it easier by including a feedback button at the top of the site when you’re logged in.

That’s a wrap on file and folder names

Files and folders with long names now wrap onto the next line to make them easier to view.

A fresh look at Beegit

We’ve updated our home page with a better overview of our features and how we help you with content planning and development.

That’s all we have for now. Have more suggestions? Feel free to shoot us a note and we’ll respond right away. If you haven’t signed up for the closed beta yet, do so today.

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