Beegit's expanded project metrics boost visibility into your content efforts

At Beegit, we’re looking to kickstart your content by providing one place to centralize team, text, communication and data for your marketing efforts.

Now, our expanded project metrics will make it even easier to see how your content is coming together.

The updated metrics let you dig deeper into how much time the group has spent on the project, and offer a breakdown of where individuals have been spending their time. They also show the words added and deleted during a specific stretch of time.

The big update to these metrics is a new date range filter that lets you select how you want to view your time data: by 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, or since the beginning of time (more specifically, since the beginning of the project).


Beegit users have already been using the baseline project metrics to track how long a project took them, but with detailed information across the life of a project, they can now get a better understanding of where they are spending their time in the their content marketing efforts.

These project metrics are part of a bigger goal at Beegit to help our users make sense of their content marketing efforts. In addition to this release, teams with upgraded accounts can get this data across multiple projects to get a full activity report for their organization.

Along with the updated metrics, we’ve also moved your account information into a dropdown that can be accessed by hovering over your login located in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

Sign up today or sign in to give the new metrics updates a go and let us know what you think.

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