Scroll sync makes it easier to write and preview Markdown

When we announced our big spring release last week we thought our development team might need a little break. Instead, they went right back to the workshop and came up with something many customers have asked for: They updated our split screen editor so that Markdown content and rendered HTML sync up as you scroll down the page.

So now, you can easily get a great view of the Markdown you’re writing and your HTML output at one time. This makes it easier to write and edit in split screen mode, helps with training new team members on Markdown and it’s just plain easier on the eyes. Check it out.

Additionally, we also released a tweak to the editor experience by changing when the revisions notification pops up. Previously, as soon as you made an edit on a file, the revisions tab would show a red icon to indicate the project has uncommitted revisions. Now, that icon does not appear until the current editor stops editing or leaves the file so it is more distraction free.

Sign in or sign up to try out these updates and let us know what you think. Once you’re in, we’re always available and listening via in-app chat.

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