Time-saving improvements boost productivity in Beegit

Nobody drives innovation at Beegit like our customers. Some of our biggest releases have been built in tandem with our heaviest users.

Today’s release is about making everyone more efficient. With customers who make Beegit part of their daily workflow in mind, we just released productivity updates that include keyboard shortcuts, a better Markdown cheatsheet and interface improvements.

First, we’ve implemented keyboard shortcuts for common actions that make it easier to do the things you do most often, faster. For instance, just hit E when you’re on a file and you’ll immediately start editing.

Take a look at the shortcuts available:


Our second productivity improvement is an expanded markdown cheatsheet that shows more use cases like superscript, subscript and horizontal rule. We’ve also relocated the cheatsheet to a more visible spot in the top site navigation (And of course, by keyboard shortcut ctrl/cmd + K). For people new to Markdown, this full cheatsheet serves as a handy reference.

In addition to these updates, we did an overall cleanup of the interface when you’re logged in. We’ve shortened the header bars to give you more space to work in your files, added an icon for creating a new project to make it more visible and created a clearer navigation back to the home projects page.

Sign in or sign up to try out these updates and let us know what you think. Once you’re in, we’re always ready to talk features, improvements and ideas via our in-app chat.

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