Hit your deadlines with Beegit's new editorial calendar

Since the beginning, we’ve been on a mission to simplify the content development process at Beegit.

We’ve already had some fun releases this spring to help with that, but none have been more timely than today’s: Our new shared editorial calendar gives you and your collaborators the ability to see all the upcoming due dates in a project in one view.

Available on our paid plans, our new calendar lets you add and update due dates on any file in a project. Every due date will then show up in a shared project calendar view for your team. This view will also show upcoming due dates in an agenda list.

Take a look:


To help simplify your content workflow, you can manage file due dates from that calendar view. You can drag and drop any due date to another day and the file due date will be updated, or remove one or more due dates from the agenda list, giving you the ability to tweak your project timeline from one location.

Additionally, you can click on any file name in the upcoming due dates view and you will be taken to that file.

Visit any file in any of your projects to get started setting due dates.


While this is the calendar release, we made a couple more platform improvements worth noting while we were working:

  • We moved the autosave indicator to the toolbar so it would be more visible. It can also be seen in full screen mode now.
  • If you follow a shared project or file link (like the links in an @mention notification email) and you’re not logged in, you’ll be redirected to the login screen. Once logged in, you’ll automatically be redirected to the file or project you were trying to access.

That’s the release we have on the calendar today (get it?). To check it out, sign in to your team or pro account or sign up for your 14-day free team trial. Once you’re in, we’re always ready to take your feedback or talk shop via our in-app chat.

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