Beegit's productivity updates make it easier to collaborate

We’ve been listening to your feedback and spent a lot of time making Beegit easier and more productive for teams. Today, we’re releasing a slew of enhancements to the platform and we’d like to give you a quick rundown of what’s new.

Brand new dashboard

The dashboard has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on speed, simplicity and powerful features. Now, the dashboard is a central place for teams writing web content together to see who is on the team, what they’re working on and when it’s due.


Team-centric view

You can now view the projects, team and calendar for each account you’re on. Team-level administrators can now add, edit and invite team members from their account without logging in as the account owner. Use the new account context dropdown to change your dashboard between accounts.


Project collaboration improvements

Project collaborator access can now be managed right from the dashboard without drilling down into each individual project. You can see the avatar of each collaborator that is on the project, and click the + to bring someone new onto the project or edit an existing collaborator.


Team-wide calendar

A new calendar is available on the dashboard that visualizes file due dates across all projects for the whole team. Need to move a file’s due date? You can move it from this aggregate calendar without visiting the file.


Default avatar images

A lot of you use our Gravatar support for your avatar, which is great! For those who don’t use Gravatar, avatars will now show initials as the avatar instead of a universal default image, making it easier for everyone to identify collaborators around the system. Combined with the new dashboard, it’s easier than ever to see who is working on which projects.


There’s a new search in town that is available from everywhere in the system once you’re logged in. Project search provides direct access to all projects you can access from one search (even across teams!). It’s also accessible via the keyboard shortcut /. Start using project search to flip between projects in a flash.


Performance boost

Last but not least, while adding all these new features, we focused on making the platform faster than ever. Navigating between the dashboard and your projects, and between projects using the new project search, now happens at lightning speed.

With all of these improvements to Beegit, we hope you start enjoying these benefits today. If you haven’t been around for awhile, now is a great time to log back in to Beegit and see why it’s the best way for teams to collaborate on web content using Markdown. If you’ve never signed up for Beegit, now is the perfect time to start your free trial.

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