Batch export and conversions for your Markdown files

One of the great benefits to writing content in Markdown is that it can be easily translated to many different formats – if you’re using a good conversion tool. Beegit has supported file conversions from Markdown to HTML, Word, InDesign, and ePub formats since its inception, one file at a time (in addition to the compile feature, which stitches Markdown files together into a single output file).

Today, we’re excited to announce batch file exporting and conversions. From any Beegit project, you can now export and convert batches of files in a single click by choosing a folder and selecting an export format (you can export the entire project by selecting the Project Files folder). We’ll automatically export and convert your files and download them for you in a zip file, right in the web browser. The zip file will retain the folder structure you selected, so you can get right to work on the files on your desktop, or wherever you’re shipping them off to.


We hope you enjoy the new batch exporting feature. If you haven’t been around for awhile, now is a great time to log back in to Beegit and see why it’s the best collaborative writing app for the web. If you’ve never signed up for Beegit, it’s the perfect time to start a free trial.

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